About us

GoodCall was established in early 2014 when we saw that the recruitment market had become stagnant and frustrating. Although candidate behaviour has changed drastically in the past 10 years, very few recruiting practices have caught up. We started GoodCall to bring a fresh new approach to recruitment. Our WHY is to wake up the industry and evolve the human relations market to help talent and companies efficiently connect using current, modern, everyday channels like mobile, social, and digital.

In 2018 we decided to expand our business to Poland, bringing an innovative approach to finding candidates by allowing companies to request simple, quick services that are delivered using our magic talent sourcing team in a matter of days.

One-of-a-kind structure.

Our team of sourcing professionals work 24/7, making real-time recruitment possible and interacting with candidates when and how they prefer.

Innovative tools.

We exclusively use social media and the market’s only mobile app for recruitment; finally engaging candidates the way all other industries do.

Truly unique strategy.

We’re setting new trends with our creative candidate attraction strategies, ensuring our clients are represented in a cool, modern way.

New coop models.

Our business model is built on our own ATS that we constantly develop and integrate with cloud solutions, social media and mobile devices.