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Get a long list.

Need a little help in your recruitment process?
GoodCall will take a thorough job debrief from you to ensure we understand your company culture and the key criteria for the job opening. Then we’ll search through the market using our pro-active sourcing, incorporating numerous social media channels, undercover tools, and some legal hacks and tricks to find the best talent. The candidates are then reviewed and the long list is presented to you.
Delivery: Typical delivery time is 3 days
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Get a short list.

Prefer to have us make the first step in communication with candidates?
We will start with the Long List phase and then pre-screen each candidate for you. We will identify and engage the best talent using our magic sourcing methodologies, plus creative video, all social media, and viral offline plans. Each candidate is presented with contact details.
Delivery: Typical delivery time is 10 days
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Market mapping.

Interested to know more about a certain industry or part of the market?
Our team will review your needs and background, ensuring we understand what is the goal and expected outcome. Then our talented Talent Sourcers will dig through the market finding the relevant trends and information to provide you with deeper insight into your chosen location, workforce, or industry.
Delivery: Varies, can be 3-7 days
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